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A New Era in Hollywood: The Dusk or a New Beginning?

August 23, 2023
Hollywood has outlived its original mission. Its Sun has set. It’ll take at least a quarter of the century for it to be restored until the new Sun shines above.

As a teenager, while growing up in a distant land of Russia that was closed off from the whole world, with no Internet yet, I watched Hollywood movies on VHS videocassettes as a means to learn English and expand my horizons. This partially had paved my future path to my new career in tech and what is soon-to-be-called the ArtTech industry. Now, having lived in and near Hollywood for nearly two years, I've decided to publish this piece as a way to share my disillusionments and reconciliate myself with the painful process of confronting my fears and inner inhibitions and getting onto the brighter side of my own Sun.

Hollywood was built as a creative paradise and a sacred haven for artists and creatives, the heaven for creativity and arts, full of hope and aspirations for newcomers to California who discovered freshness and novelty in this far away sun-lit land. It was established not only to entertain but, above all, to tell stories, to create an artificial reality we all could dive into, if only for a moment or for a few hours. The purpose of this new storytelling reality was supposed to be to educate, to uplift, to help heal and give hope to millions of souls around the world. Haven’t we all enjoyed some amazing masterpieces of great directors, crews and movie stars that inspired us to reach for new challenges or to change our own lives, our perception of ourselves on and beyond this planet?

LA. The City of Angels. Magical, mysterious powers were gathered and vested in this unique place around the early 20th century. No other place on Earth has gained such as massive power over the hearts and minds of billions of people all around the Globe. Nowadays, we stand at the remnants of Hollywood's past glory. It feels like we’re witnessing the dusk of this old era. You can see it everywhere in LA - in the buildings, the remnants of the 70s and ‘80s luxury, in the names of the restaurants and cafes and, above all, in the movies being produced and released in Hollywood. With the rise of the Internet and the subsequent spread of social media and tech apps such as ChatGPT, we have enough created content to entertain us. Without the entertainment, what is left in modern Hollywood? It appears that recent Hollywood creators forgot that the movie-making art cannot be all about entertainment, it's not all what it is all about.

Let’s take a closer look, what has become of Hollywood in the past decade? So many films it released have put all their focus on money, sexuality, abuse of femininity or that of children or animals on display. It seems that, sadly enough, Hollywood as a place has become a refuge for once creative individuals that succumb to drug addition or power abuse, instead of seeking mental or spiritual guidance. Sometimes, after watching yet another “genius” movie, it feels like the divinely-given creative abilities of that particular filmmaker were misused to promote his or her maniacal dependencies instead of offering a healing solution themselves or fellow humans with similar disasters. So many creators have utilized Hollywood, its unique capacities and its special magic as their own personal psychiatrist to cycle through their nightmares and create perverted alternative realities aka their micro-verses while spreading lies and disinformation.

So if Hollywood no longer fulfills its mission as the spiritual company or educational guide to humanity, what is left of it? Hollywood is lacking spirit and it’s soul is impoverished, it seems that movies and shows are just being released on a massive scale only based on their money-producing capacity, with little or no thought given to how this piece can be of true service to humankind, how it can nurture their souls. This is the real energy of creation, something that artistic projects and spiritual entities such as Hollywood are supposed to convey. It seems that many creators and their producers behind tend to more think of their own ambitions and whether this piece of work is profitable or not. This is a truly disastrous mindset that will lead to a catastrophe for human mind, heart and soul and to significant damage to us as human beings overall.

The power vested in the artists or film creators is enormous, and it was given to help people come to their true selves, to find their own creative selves. Instead, the Hollywood machinery has recently been utilized to create images that now have little to do with this concept and mainly focus on spreading disinformation and lies. Only a few brave souls, those who are better aligned with their divine guidance and true to themselves, every now and then manage to re-create the movie magic once bestowed upon Hollywood. It’s now a deceiving paradise, a paradise for illusionists and crooks, a place that has served its purpose so far and is slowly getting its doors shut for the true art of moviemaking.

How can the film about a serial killer, “Joker” could become the most admired entertainment piece? Why this obsession with the negative sides of human character, the dark side of the Sun? Since when did Hollywood succumb to inspecting the darkness of the humankind and misrepresenting it as art?

So what is the future of Hollywood? It’s hard to predict but without a proper inner work, it will continue degrading into spreading dark illusions and chaos. It will take time and spiritual guidance, to take a very deep look on the inside, confront one’s fears in a more holistic way, while not releasing them onto the wide screen and scaring others, but bringing the much needed Light into the world and helping each and every one of us heal, including those who are stuck in already existing micro-verses.

In the recent two years, since the beginning of Pandemic and widespread tech development, many people have reached for their own creativeness, be it by filming their own short stories or videos or starting a YouTube channel and sharing one’s soul’s desires. Nowadays we are all creators ourselves, any time and at any place. So what is the value of Hollywood-produced images in our lives nowadays? Everyone keeps the keys to the Artist within themselves. You just need to connect deeper to yourself, find the truth within you. The true Hollywood is in every one of us.

My belief is that, it may take quite a while in human time - at least a quarter of the century - and lot of spiritual learning and implementing this knowledge, until Hollywood's Sun will rise again, with new aspirations and creators. First it'll be in each and every one of us. In our souls and in spirit. And then it’ll shine back over Hollywood as a unique place on Earth, once again.

Written and executed by Lara GenArts on August 23, 2023

Author: Lara Kempbell, Actress and Writer
River Phoenix.
Photo Courtesy Vulture

"River, Darling, your death hasn’t been in vain. We value the truths it delivered."

In memory of River Phoenix, young actor and animals rights activist, who was killed by drugs in
Johnny Depp's club in Hollywood in 1993.
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